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Go back to previous word in Quiz to correct answer#80

I would like to go back to the vokabs i’ve already written in a quiz.

Cause sometimes you accedentely skip to the next vokab without looking what you did wrong and you can’t go back to look again.

I would like to go to the specific vokabs with clicking on the red,yellow and green bar at the bottom.

thanks for concidering my suggestion.

2 years ago

Hi Nikita, thank you very much for your feature request!
Just to be sure, I understand you correctly: you woul like to be able to go back to the previous word in the quiz to see the solution, right?

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Feature request
2 years ago

Frieder also requested this:

Wenn ich im Karteikarten-Quiz bin und aus Versehen auf das falsche Check/false geklickt habe, kann ich das nicht rückgängig machen. Vorschlag: direkt nach dem Klick eine Möglichkeit, zurück zu gehen (z.B. Wisch nach links)

a year ago