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Adjustable repetition time span of the levels#74


I now meanwhile do have ca 1500 words saved and I do the tests regularly. But it’s quite tough to follow up/keep pace with the suggested words to repeat - each time I open the app the number of words is huge.

So, it would be good if the time span, when the words for each level are asked for the repetition, could be adjusted.
And/or additional intermediate levels (not only 4) would be there, with a higher time span for the last levels.. this would stretch it a bit.

Beyond this I love the App!!


a month ago

Hi Sebastian, thanks for this suggestion.
I could imagine having a global setting to choose between three repetition modes like “Quick”, “Normal”, “Streched”. For each the recommended repetition time time spans would be short, default or longer.
Would that be helpful to you?

18 days ago
Changed the status to
Feature request
18 days ago

Hi Gabriel,
thanks for your respond!
That could be a good approach. I actually like to have a short period for the recently added word. As they are new, its good to repeat them quite often in the beginning. And for the higher levels I feel that the period is too short. At least as one has already a lot of words in the database. I do not want to turn off repeating them completely. Maybe adding one or two more levels would be nice, asking for them after 3/6 months or so..? Or, just stretching the last two levels a bit would also help :)
Kind regards!

18 days ago