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Dry-run learning quiz mode#7

Sometimes I want to simply review words as part of a dry run trainging session without the levels changing.

So maybe a learning mode would be good, where the word cards are show but there is no correct / wrong juging and no effect on the levels.
Then I can review new words and later do a quiz to see if I remembered them.

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@Timomueller113 , @Andrea.stadler1 , @Emma D Acunto , , @Guillaume Le Nistour , @Meret , @Juliettaartauber , @Andreas.jacoby and @Johannes , thank you all for your feedback and for your patience!

We have just released the all new Wokabulary 6. And it comes with a dedicated dry-run mode for the quiz. The dry-run allows you to review words without impacting their level or last-asked date. After each dry-run you can directly test yourself in a real quiz.

In addition to that, we have added many more new features and improvements. You find a complete overview of what’s new on our blog:

You can get Wokabulary 6 on the App Store:
It is not an update to Wokabulary 5 but a new, separate app. All your words and progress will automatically be migrated on first launch, however.
Of course, you can keep using Wokabulary 5 as long as you are happy with it. But we offer great discounts for existing Wokabulary 5 customers who make the switch 😉

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