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Words arranged in a list view#62


Could next Wokabulary version display words in a list view showing the fields “original word/translation/tag/comment” on the same line?

This would be very useful for serious translators to find a word quickly without scrolling up and down too much.

2 years ago

Hello and thanks for the feature request!
Just to be sure: Do you mean to be able to see tags an comments in the list view in addition to the word and translation?

2 years ago
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2 years ago

Hello Anna,
thank you for your reply.

Yes, I mean if it is possible to see words, translations, tags and comments on a single line.

Wokabulary currently displays word/translation/tags one of top of another and this increases the size of the row. Comments are not shown unless you click on a word. I know that you’re also redesigning the comment box/function so maybe even the comments field may be displayed in th same list view? I think this would be easy to implement on Mac and iPad.

As for the iPhone version, due to the smaller size of the screen, I am sure you’re thinking of a different solution.

So, to summarize, I meant if it is possible to display original word/translation/(maybe?)tag side by side in a list view.

Maybe color coding the row depending on the tags could help users remember the category. In such case tags name could be hidden?

Thank you

Looking forward to next Wokabulary version!!

Do you know when it will be released?

Kind regards

2 years ago

Thank you very much for elaborating! This is really helpful for us, as we are also working on ansome changes of the comments section. So thanks for the input!

2 years ago
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Feature request
2 years ago

A design issue about this is, that the length of comments (and words) users add, differs significantly. Some people enter entire sentences, so displaying the word pair in a single line does not provide enough space. And if the comment is really long, we would need to clip it.
Maybe we could make showing the comment in the list an option in the settings.
On the Mac it would also be possible to show the words as a traditional table view (like the list view in Finder). We could have a switch to toggle between both.

2 years ago

Hi Gabriel,
thank you for your kind reply.

I’ll try to elaborate the “list view” issue form a user standpoint by answering to your message sentence by sentence.

a - The avaerage user does not need to see the full content of the comment field in a table view but just to have a quick/linear overview of “original word” + “translation” on a single line (no tags and comments view would be useful for a quick reference when opening the app and look at the words quickly)

b - I don’t get when you say that displaying word pairs in a single line would not provide enough space…An ideal/idealistic redesign of the user interface would simply mean showing word A and word B on a single line (tags and comments row/lines would not be so important like displaying original word and its translation on a single line: they could be hidden or not implemented at all, if this is the case).

c - As for the long comments…in my humble opinion the comment field must only be invoked when needed and not be displayed necessarily in the list view (maybe a pop-up when clicking on the word?). So yes, maybe you could make showing the comment (and the tag as well) in the list an option in the settings.

d - When you say “On the Mac it would also be possible to show the words as a traditional table view (like the list view in Finder). We could have a switch to toggle between both.” THIS WOULD BE GREAT. IT’S THE FEATURE I LONG FOR. Would the same be possible on both iPhone and iPad (displaying the words as traditional table view like in Finder?).

Thank you so much for your great app and please let us know when new version will be released.

Kind regards, thank you guys!

2 years ago