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Automatic Translation Suggestions#59


During input a word in the list for new words I would be very helpful to have a automatic translation. I will save a lot of time

a year ago

This is unfortunately not easy to achieve. There are multiple aspects about this:

  • A word can have multiple translations, so automatically filling the translation field, might be more obstructive than useful.
  • It is not trivial to get the translation data. We think Google Translate is not a reliable solution to translate single words (it works better with entire sentences or paragraphs). The best solution are the dictionaries built into macOS and iOS, which we highly recommend. However, there is no API to directly access this data for an app (but it is easy to access using force touch)
  • External translation services are generally not free. DeepL and Google are actually quite expensive. So this feature would need to be an additional paid subscription to cover the costs.

So far, one of the best ideas we have, is integrating the Wiktionary API. But it is not without effort. Also Wiktionary only has significant dictionaries for some languages.

a year ago
Changed the status to
Feature request
a year ago

With the app translate installed on my iPhone, I just select the word / sentence in the Wokabulary editable box and choose “translate” which gives me instantly the translation on the same screen. This is handy, easy, customisable, and does not require an embedded feature.

6 months ago
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4 months ago
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2 months ago

As stated in the last merged ticket: Connect with Deepl API

2 months ago