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Enable naming of language#54


As I use Wokabulary for learning specialist vocabulary in several subject areas, it would be very helpful, if one could rename a language: Instead of “German” –> “German”, it could than be e.g. “German” –> “specialist vocabulary Chemistry (German)”.

8 months ago

Thanks for your input.
Custom naming of vocabularies will definitely be part of Wokabulary 6.

8 months ago
Changed the status to
8 months ago

I am learning Hungarian vocabulary and short complete Hungarian sentences with Wokabulary. Here I need a solution to use both data sets separately from each other. My problem: when I’m searching for a specific word with the keyword function, I get search results that are too extensive. In addition, learning single vocabulary words works in a different mode than learning whole sentences. My temporary solution is to use English-Hungarian in addition to the German-Hungarian language pair. Another solution would of course be to work with definable folders.

Wokabulary has become an indispensable language learning tool for me. Even in phases of low motivation, your app keeps me learning. Thank you for it.

2 months ago