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Extra field for romanization#52


Add extra field for romanization of e.g. Persian words.
Field 1: to close
Field 2: bastan
Field 3: بستن
In this specific example, field 3 only includes “bstn”, but in Persian they say “bastan”, and learners may attempt to say “boston” - this is because some vowels are not written in Persian.

a year ago

Thanks for giving a small insight into Persion script and the challanges for learning it.

In general we don’t want to add features for specific languages (or language families). We recommend using the comment field for such additional information like pronunciation or romanization.
We know, however, that this needs some improvement. In Wokabulary 6 the comment field will provide more space and support formatting to better address such use cases. (See #24 )

a year ago
Changed the status to
Feature request
a year ago