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A way to re-run a quiz.#27

I always wished for the option to re-run a quiz, maybe straight after, or the next day etc…

Currenty when I generate a quiz, I see it only once and after I’ve gone through it, this particular set of cards will be gone down the abyss. As I have a lot of words ( maybe 4000 ) and it’ll take some time until those turn up again.

I would really like it if there was a list of recently generate quizzes ( or maybe just the last one ) that I had the chance of re-playing.

So nice to see that there’s some active development! It’s one of those apps where I’m really excited to see updates. Thanks 💖.

12 days ago

Thanks for your feedback!

Just to better understand your use-case:
Do you want to also re-quiz the words you have just answered correct in a quiz? Because there already is an option to re-run a quiz with all the words you answered wrong.

In general, Wokabulary is built around the spaced-repetition learning concept, so it is intentional that the words are selected for quiz in increasing intervals as they rise in level.

12 days ago
Changed the status to
12 days ago

I think I got used to misusing the app. Doing one round of the quiz would not help me to memorise it sufficiently, so I got into the habit of tagging groups and then just doing and redoing everything in this tag until it sticks a bit. But yes I see, not some problem of the app, maybe more an issue of my short term memory.

10 days ago

I know what you mean. I personally use the “Repeat with wrong” feature a lot.
For new words, I do a quiz with about 15-20 words and then I repeat the quiz with the wrong words several times until I got all the words correct at least once.

We’re also thinking about a dry-run feature: #7

8 days ago

“Repeat wrong” it super-useful! I had a look at dry-run and actually I think that feature could be nice!

8 days ago