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Ability to enter/edit comments for multiple entries at once#243


We can already add/delete common tags for multiple entries at once, can we have the ability to add/edit common comments the same way? I’m studying Italian, so I have about a thousand tenses to keep track of, and I put the tenses in the comment field so that when I do a quiz I know what tense it is asking for (the English is not subtle enough to always make the tense obvious unfortunately). Anyway, I now have a database of about 5000 words and I’m going back to add tenses into the comment field of my earlier entries and it would be great to do these en masse.

2 months ago

Thanks for your feedback Roy

When you batch edit the tags for multiple words, the same tags will be added to all these words. But most likely you want to add individual comments for each word, right?
On the Mac or iPad you can easily switch between words while staying in edit mode, so you can quickly move through multiple words and edit the comment for each in the sidebar.

If you do want to add the same comment to multiple words, a workaround could be to export the words as CSV, add the comment in Numbers or Excel and re-import the CSV. If the existing words don’t have any comment yet, the import will automatically add the comments from the import withouth chaninging any other data of the existing words (like level or tags).
However, if your words already have comments, you would need to delete them before importing the modified versions (otherwise the import will skip them), which would of course have you lose any meta data like level or last asked date.

24 days ago
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24 days ago

Thanks Gabriel! As always, your advice is spot on. I manually edited the 140-odd words that already had a comment, and then did the export/import CSV dance to update the other 1000+. Worked seamlessly! Thanks again.

21 days ago