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Collaborative live-shared vocabularies#205

I purchased the unlimited family plan and am really baffled, that I can’t share word lists with my family members.
Please add the ability to collaboratively work on the same word list. Exporting via AirDrop is just too cumbersome.

6 months ago

Thank your for your feedback @Denis Nickolai
The Unlimited Family plan allows you to share your Wokabulary subscription with everybody in your Apple Family Sharing group. This only applies to the purchase itself.

All vocabulary content and learning progress will still be individual to each family member and will only be synced on their personal iCloud accounts.
We think learning a language (or at least its vocabulary) is a very personal and individual experience. Not only will each person progress in different speeds. Also how you translate words, annotate them with comments, and organize them with tags is very personal. Even what words someone considers worth to add to Wokabulary is very individual. So, we think live-sharing a vocabulary between multiple people will rather cause confusion and make learning harder in most cases (that might be different in your specific use case, of course).

If for example, you take a language class together with your partner, you can easily share the word lists of today’s lession with them using AirDrop.
As your vocabularies are separate, each of you can individually add or adjust comments and assign tags to your preferences.

If you want to have the exact same word list as a family member, you can also just regularly share all your words with them. The import will filter out any duplicates and only add the missing words to the recipients vocabulary.

6 months ago
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