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Additional fields for masculine/feminine/masculine & feminine#203

When learning a foreign language one has to memorize the gender a noun has in that particular language. Therefore, it would be great if there were additional tick boxes for each gender (however, there may be nouns such as professions which don’t change whether they be used masculine or feminine). At the moment, I write the gender in brackets behind each noun. This means the “Dictation”-function is unfortunately nigh impossible to use as brackets, any German remark such as “immer Plural” are also read out….

7 months ago

Thanks for your feedback.

A key aspect of Wokabulary is that it can be used to learn any language. And while many European languages have a concept of gender, most other languages have not. We generally don’t intend to add language specific features because that would limit Wokabulary’s flexibility.

For learning gender, I personally would recommend adding the articles as part of the word. For example, I add my German words in the form of “das Buch” or “die Schule”. Similarly in French I write “la maison”. To me learning the words an that way feels more natural and it works very well with the speech output and the System’s lookup functionality.

For additional grammatic notes, I’d recommend placing them in the comment field. The comment is also shown in the Quiz but it is not read by the speech output.

7 months ago
Changed the status to
7 months ago

There are multiple similar feature requests regarding separate field. I’ll consolidate those to a single ticket #241

4 days ago