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Tag editing#19


At the moment I cannot change the tag names. There should be an edit function.

a year ago

You’ll be happy to hear that better tag management (including renaming and even merging tags) will be a central new feature in Wokabulary 6.

Until then, you can rename a tag with the following workaround:

  • filter for the tag you want to change
  • select all words with that tag
  • edit these words
  • in the editing mode you can delete the tag and replace it with a new one for all affected words at once
a year ago
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a year ago

I’m happy to announce, that we have finnally released the all-new Wokabulary 6.
It includes a dedicated tag manager. Now you can easily rename, delete, or even merge tags.

In addition to that, we have added many more new features and improvements. You find a complete overview of what’s new on our blog:

You can get Wokabulary 6 on the App Store:
It is not an update to Wokabulary 5 but a new, separate app. All your words and progress will automatically be migrated on first launch, however.
Of course, you can keep using Wokabulary 5 as long as you are happy with it. But we offer great discounts for existing Wokabulary 5 customers who make the switch 😉

8 months ago
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8 months ago