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Filter for levels and tags on Apple Watch#175

Hi, can you add tags to Apple Watch ? Also possibility too choose words of spefic level I would like to practice (like only level 1) or new or mix.

I fell in love with the Apple Watch app but it is a bit short of functionality.

I will be using mainly it now. Also, maybe it could be possible to add Voice support for Apple Watch as well.

a year ago
Changed the status to
Feature request
a year ago

Happy to hear that you like the new Watch App ☺️
We focused on a very clean interface and to focus on the quiz as the interaction we bring to the watch.
Additional filters etc. such as tags (especially when users can have also longer tags) would clutter the small screen very much.
However, we will make further optimisations of the Watch app in the future.
Your request that will stay here for other users to vote on!

a year ago

Sure not a problem. Maybe comment section could be visible as well? I use IPA to know how to pronounce a given word (I am learning German btw :))) )

a year ago

Awsome, thanks! I really need some extra filter feature on apple watch.

a year ago

I’d like to see this feature as well!

2 months ago