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for Japanese, need font size larger in comment or Two options#168

Japanese kanji plus okurigana is my side 1
Japanese furigana in either hiragana or katakan is my side 2

the English or French or German meaning is Comment, but the font is too small

Really, these are 3 facet cards, as i would rather use the comment to say that the noun can be a SuRu verb or that the adjective is i-, na-, no- or unusual etc. and the kanji may have an oddity not suited to being a key tag.

a kanji mnemonic would be a 4th facet, ad would kanji radical ( too numerous to tag )


3 months ago
Changed the status to
Feature request
3 months ago

Thank you for your feedback @Robert Shiplett !
I think we can slightly increase the comment font size or make the font size depend on the length of the comment (it needs to be small when multiple lines are added but could be larger in your case when it only contains a few words)

3 months ago

That would be great. Thanks.

2 months ago