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More kinds of exercises#15


Flashcard and typing are good but there could be other types, for example reverse flash card, so we are shown the new language version first, and guess the known language. Pair matching among a list of options, …

a year ago

We do in fact plan to provide mor variation in the quiz modes for Wokabulary 6.

Switching quiz direction, however, is already possible. It is just hidden in the settings. There you can choose if you want to be asked for the foreign language, your native language, or randomly.
We plan to make this option more prominent and directly add it to the quiz setup in Wokabulary 6, though.

a year ago
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a year ago

Also relates to #135

5 months ago

We have now released Wokabulary 6. It includes a completely re-designed quiz setup, which makes the various quiz options much easier to access.
Wokabualry 6 also comes with a new dictation / listening quiz mode and with an optional dry-run mode that lets you review the words before the actual quiz.

In addition to that, we have added many more new features and improvements. You find a complete overview of what’s new on our blog:

You can get Wokabulary 6 on the App Store:
It is not an update to Wokabulary 5 but a new, separate app. All your words and progress will automatically be migrated on first launch, however.
Of course, you can keep using Wokabulary 5 as long as you are happy with it. But we offer great discounts for existing Wokabulary 5 customers who make the switch 😉

3 months ago
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